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Pelikan Pelikano Jr.

Here's a fun little pen that I picked up a while ago as a "cart-stuffer" on Amazon. It's marketed as a kid's beginner fountain pen, but I sorta like it for myself. There are lots of kid-friendly features on this pen, and it feels sturdy enough for kids to use without worrying about it breaking.

It comes in bright colors (Anderson Pens has it in blue, red, yellow, and green), and it comes in both right- and left-handed versions. I didn't remember this until just now (so I don't have pictures), but the Pelikano Jr. comes with little sticker-strips for kids to write their names on the pen. If you look just above my middle finger in the picture at the left, you'll see a smooth area on the otherwise textured barrel. That's where the name stickers go. It's a neat feature for a pen that might be used in classrooms by several kids over time.

I think this pen could last for quite a while, too. The nib is sturdy steel. It's not refined, but it works and it's not going to be damaged by a kid putting some weight on it. The plastic is thick enough to endure, but still fairly light.

It's also got a triangular grip with different lines and such to show new users where to put their fingers. It's a bit like the Lamy grips on the Safari and Al-Star, but it's also rubbery and textured. I like this sort of grip, but I know there are those out there who don't.

Posted, the pen is a good size for an adult, though a kid could totally use it unposted.

 The nib is pretty broad, and it's pretty wet. I've been using it with my drier inks and those that are good at shading. It will burn through a cartridge, but it looks good doing it.

The Pelikano Jr. comes with a long cartridge in the Int'l style, and that's a good thing as the wide nib can certainly burn through the standard international carts in record time. 

 Here's the pen in hand: Posted.


And here's the Pelikano Jr. with Big Ben.

The Final Analysis:
I like this pocket-sized pen, and it often finds its way into my pocket. I've currently got it loaded with Liberty's Elysium, and this blue really benefits from this nib. It's a fun nib that works just fine for adults, and it'll work for kids, if you've got some that you need to train in the art of the Fountain Pen. At $14, this isn't the cheapest pen, but I think it's way better than a Pilot Varsity or a Platinum Preppy. It'll last longer, and the nib isn't nearly as flimsy as those two.
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