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Wisconsin Vacation

Hi folks, 
We've been on vacation in Wisconsin (visiting some family), and a good time has been had by all. I'll have lots of things to review next week, and some really fun things coming up in the near future. 

Yesterday, we got to hang out with Brian and Lisa Anderson (and their friend/apprentice Dave) at their store in Appleton. It's always nice to see them, and their store is fantastic. It makes me really happy when great folks do well!

We brought the whole family out to the store, and almost everyone got something. Cousin Parker got a sweet Sheaffer Ferrari pen, Little Cousin Brianna got one of the fountain pens from Lisa's PCA pens-for-kids program, Aunt Peggy and Cousin Amy came away with a pair of Monteverde Artistas in ballpoint and rollerball. I forgot to take pictures of everyone with their new pens, but I hope to have them soon. Audrey got some ink samples and one of the Lamy Safaris in the extra-bright coral color, and I ended up with a really sweet NOS Sheaffer Triumph and bottles of Sailor's Jentle Grenade, Epinard, and Apricot. (If you like those inks, then get yourself over to and snag them. They've got lots for now, but I'm sure it's going quick!

We're on our way to OH now, but we found some cheese and a Cheesehead at the Mars Cheese Castle. We'd looked all over for one of these, and they're much more difficult to find than one would think. 

This is a sleepy dog:

And this is another:

We've also got a stuffed dog as our trip-mascot. Her name is Rootbeer, and she's psyched to lead the way.

All for now!
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Rachel C said...

Love the trip update! The picture of Tot sums up his life. And poor Scrags in her crate.

Mike Matteson said...

Scraggles seems to be doing better in the car. She wasn't car-sick today, and we were driving a lot. Maybe she's getting used to it?