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Uniball Jetstream 1.0 (Capped)

I'm not a huge ballpoint fan, but there are a few that I actually like. This is one of them. I've seen the Jetstream catch some flack for being a skippy writer and there are people out there who will say that there aren't any good 1mm ballpoints. They tend to skip because the ball has to be so big. The clicky version of this pen has this problem, but the capped version doesn't seem to do that. It's smooth and consistent. 

 I left off the cost of this pen because it's kinda hard to find, and I'm not sure where you can get them. I found mine at a local pen shop that sells singles. If you find some in your local stores, get a couple. They're not bad at all (for a ballpoint).

 The grip area of this pen just a little rubbery and it feels good. The width is perfect for me, and a little wider than other ballpoints.
 It posts really well, and the rubber texture of the barrel keeps it secure.

 It's got some interesting internals. it's got a sort of silvery sheath that goes over the refill, and that's what you see through the window  in the middle of the pen. I'm not sure why they bothered with this, but the longer-than-normal refill (it's not the same as the clicky version of this pen) fits in it and keeps the refill steady in the barrel. I really hate it when a ballpoint jiggles in the pen as I write, and I guess this odd arrangement keeps that from happening.
This collar is the same one that  you find on the other Jetstreams. I kinda think it restricts the ink flow, but I don't really know for sure.

And here it is with the clicky version. This brown-black version is also good and smooth. These clicky ones are more common than the capped version, but this is one of the BLX series, and I think it's a little better than average.
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Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

I have found them in packs of 5 at Office Depot.

Mike Matteson said...

Cool. I haven't seen them at my local stores, but it's been a while since I was in an Office Depot.

waffle911 said...

Found the capped black 1.0mm single at the local CVS, it's the only Jetstream they carry.

Mike Matteson said...

Interesting. I've found lots of different Jetstream pens, but I haven't seen any of the capped ones in CVS. I'm glad they're around, though.