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Stabilo pointVisco Fine (.5mm)

It's been a little while since I reviewed any non-fountain pens, and I have this cup full of pens that I mean to review, so today we've got the pointVisco from Stabilo. The pen isn't marked, but it's a roller-ball, and it behaves like a gel, or hybrid-gel, ink. It dries really quickly, and it doesn't skip or smear, so I think it's probably some sort of hybrid. Amazon's page says that it's a gel, but who knows where the seller got their information.

The pointVisco is a bit like the point 88 (which you can find at JetPens for $.80). They're both school bus yellow with white stripes and black text. They've both got a small cap that posts nicely. The pointVisco is a roller-ball, while the 88 is a porous point pen.

The pointVisco has a nice rubber grip that makes it more comfortable to write with, and the clip is nice and sturdy. I like the feel of this pen a lot, and the look isn't bad.

I've got this pen in three colors. I used to have a green one, but it's gone missing. I think I probably loaned it to an architect friend of ours. The green ink seemed a little pale to me, but these other three are great.

My camera just won't focus on the pen. Weird, but I'll pretend that I meant to focus past it. 

 The blue ink is just a touch violet, and that sets it apart from lots of the other blues in the office. Of course, the unique look to these pens will do that, too.

The rollerball of the .5mm is actually pretty wide. It feels more like a .7mm than a .5, but it's not subject to bleed or spread, so I quite like it. 

Here it is next to the point 88. 

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