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Graf von Faber-Castell Carbon Black


Carbon Black is an ink from a line of inks that I'd never tried before. The wife and I just got a pair of Faber-Castell pens, though, so this is going to be a nice complement to those pens. The Andersons sent this ink over for me to try out, so thanks go out to them for this review.

I'll just say, right at the top, that this is a really excellent black ink. It's deep and dark, and the flow is on the wet side, but it doesn't feather, bleed, or spread. 

This review was written with my Faber-Castell Basic's medium nib. It's a fairly wet nib, all by itself, but with this ink it's extra wet and smooth. Great stuff.

I took these pictures post-water test, obviously. Sorry for the spoiler.
Here are some closer-ups of the written review.

There's just a little bit of sheen to this ink if you put it down thick enough, but you're not going to see it very often.

Sorry about the cross-out in the picture below. I thought that I had Aurora black in that pen, but I think it was a Duke ink instead. Whoops.

Chromatography & Comparison:

Since these inks look so close, let's see what's inside each of them. 

Similar, right? Both have a greenish-grey base with notes of black and blue at the top. Interesting that they're so similar, huh? It almost makes me think that there's some re-branding going on with this ink.

Oddly, when I did smears of each ink on a Lamy test pad that I had on the desk, they actually look quite different. It's cool how much difference the paper makes.

You'll remember that I said that there is a little sheen in this ink? The next picture shows it. I didn't see it this strongly in the smears I did on Rhodia, but this Lamy paper really brings it out.

 And that same sheen is missing in the Aurora black. So, probably not a rebranding. Different inks with similar compositions.


Check this ink out at Anderson Pens, where it sells for $30 per 75 ml bottle.  That looks a little steep, but it's actually exactly the same cost per ml ($0.40) as you pay for Aurora. The Aurora bottles are just smaller. 

Water Drop Test and Review Video

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