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Montblanc Albert Einstein

Today we've got another of the limited edition inks from Montblanc. This time, Montblanc is paying tribute to another scientific legend, Albert Einstein. When I bought this ink (last year, yikes!), I was expecting to get a black with flakes or something. (I wasn't well-informed at all.) What I got was a very nice darn grey. Instantly a fan. 

This ink comes in exactly the same bottle as the Leonardo ink. 30ml isn't nearly enough of this ink, but it's what I've got. It'll have to do. 

As you can see, below, I'm a big fan of this ink. This Skyliner wasn't the first pen that I used this ink in. The first pen that hosted this ink was my Rotring Newton 600, and it lived there for months. Months. Unheard of in my house. I liked it that much. I think I finally took it out of that pen just because it had been there so long. I don't think that the line from the medium nib of the 600 was as dark as the semi-flex nib on this Skyliner, but it wasn't any less satisfying.

I took the picture after the water test, so this is a spoiler. Not much resistance. 
Close-ups and such

I tried a little bit of flex. It went okay. 
 You can see plenty of light shading in this ink, despite the semi-wet flow of this nib.

This is a dark grey. It's the sort of grey that you can use all the time without worrying about people knowing that you're using a grey. It's more like a light black, most of the time. You can really see the difference compared to the Faber-Castell ink below it and the Duke Black that is even more below it.

I was really surprised at how dark it was in the swatch, but I think there was just a lot of ink there.

Lots of different colors in this grey. Greens and blues and a little purple in there. 
Not only does this ink look good, it behaves well on cheap paper. There are a few spots of bleed on this example, but that's due to the nib and not the ink, really. It doesn't have any behavioral problems. 

It's a limited edition, and it's gone fast, from what I hear. If you can find it, then get it. It's usually in the $18 range.

Water Test and Review Video

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