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The New Franklin-Christoph "Christoph" Music Nib

Scott told me about this nib coming out at the beginning of the summer, and I had to wait until the DC show to see one. Everyone wants a music nib, including me. I was jealous every time I saw one on another blog. Well, now we've got one in the family. Audrey got this awesome Franklin-Christoph Model 02 at the DC show, and she wanted the music nib in it.

I wasn't happy with the original picture I posted here, and I couldn't get it right, so Audrey took this one for me. Hooray!

 I was a little surprised because she likes stubs, but she also likes to write small, and this isn't a small nib. At all. At 1.9mm, this is a big nib. Someone at the show referred to it as "the shovel", and that's not crazy. It's wide and it clearly means business.

Three tines requires some differences in the feed, and this one is extra wide with some cavities cut into the feed under the nib. My guess is that it keeps some ink sitting right under the nib. It totally works. Audrey doesn't get to use this nib every day, but it doesn't dry out at all. It can also keep up with writing pretty quickly, as I do.

The thing that a music nib does for me (since I don't actually write music) is make my handwriting look cool. The big, broad down-strokes and very thin side strokes are crisp and well-defined. There's no tipping material on this stub, but it's very smooth and I don't imagine it wearing down anytime soon.

Also, I've gotta say that I want some of this green ink. Scott put this cartridge in the pen at the show, and Audrey and I really like it. I'm also surprised at how long the cart is lasting with this nib. I expected the nib to run through a cart in no time at all, but it hasn't. It's a wetish nib, but it's controlled, and not a gusher. That was the one thing I was worried about, but I've got no worries after using this pen/nib.

Want one of these sweet, sweet nibs? Well, you'll need $35 and you'll need to get a pen that takes a #6 nib unit. There are several of these pens listed under this nib on the Franklin-Christoph site, and I've heard-tell that the nib unit will fit into some Edison pens. I can certainly recommend the 02 Intrinsic that Audrey got. It's a great pen.
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GourmetPens said...

Oooooh...... I want...

Randy Turner said...

I tweeted Azizah about reviewing this. Looks like you beat her to the punch.

Mike Matteson said...

Azizah: I kinda knew that I would see a comment from you on this post.

Randy: I win!

Ted said...

The ink is sweet here, too!