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J. Herbin Orange Indien

This ink was sent to me as a review sample from 

Happy Saturday, folks! It's a dark and dreary day here in NC. The perfect sort of day for an orange ink. This ink reminds me of Fall. Something about changing leaves, corn, and pumpkins. This ink is a good shader that goes from a fairly light orange to a pretty dark one. 

This was a short written review, but I think this ink pretty well speaks for itself. It's got a beautiful hue. I just wish that it would behave a little better on cheap papers. It's not terrible, but it's not ideal. If you're using moderately decent papers, then you'll have a fine time with this ink.

Close-up shots!

 The cartridges come in these neat little cans. There are only 6 carts in these cans, but they're still pretty cool. I prefer bottles, but these are some of the best cartridge containers around. Pelikan's tins are nice, too.

Ah, chormatography. I did this one twice on different coffee filters. The one on the left is a basket filter, and the one on the right is a cone filter. This is almost entirely an orange ink, but you can see small hints of a darker hue. Maybe a little maroon?

Both of the filters work pretty well, but the cone filter's denser weave seems to work better and provide more contrast. I recommend those, if you're doing this at home.

Here is the bleed-through test on copy paper.

 There's some bleed with this ink, even with the Rotring's small nib. Not a lot, but there's some.

Check this ink out at for $5.50 per 6-pack. 

Water Drop Test and Review Video:

**This ink was sent to me, free of charge, for review purposes. The review, though, is based only on my impressions and experience.**
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GourmetPens said...

... I am a sucker and would buy this based on the cute container and the adorable elephant...

Mike Matteson said...

Plus, with as many inks as we have, it saves room.