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Visconti Blue


 This review is only the second that I've done for a Visconti ink. The other one was a sepia that I got on sale last Christmas, and it was pretty okay. (I didn't love it, initially, but it really grew on me.) Brian Anderson is always talking about this one, so I had to give it a try. I think I'll be getting a bottle soon.

Visconti's Blue is great. It's a dark-medium blue with some really nice shading. As you'll see in the ink smear, the color is pretty swell. You'll also find some slight sheen in this ink, if you put it down heavily.


Here's that sheen I was talking about. You're not going to see it on every letter, but it'll show up on a good paper with a wet nib. (Also, close up, I see that I smeared it a little bit. )

This is a really nice ink smear. All of the colors of this ink are represented.


There's a fair amount of purple-ish hue in here, but it's mostly blue. In such a rich color, I'm not surprised.

Copy Paper Test!

There's some show-through, but no bleed to speak of. A couple of spots show up in this extreme close-up, but they don't really show to the un-aided eye.

Ink Comparisons!

Water Test and Video Review

This ink will run you $17.50 for 40ml, but it's worth it in my opinion. This is a great blue, and it comes in a pretty cool bottle. You can also find it in charming little cartridges or in samples from Anderson Pens.

Definitely recommend this one. Definitely.

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty. Does the ink have a smell?

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