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Diamine Ancient Copper

This is one of my favorite inks. It came in a Goulet Ink Drop, and I have used the entire sample. It's been in my Rotring 600 continuously, and that's odd for me. I delayed so long in writing the review that I don't have enough left that I'm willing to sacrifice a drop for a smear on the page. It's that good.

It's a color that looks like lightly tarnished copper. To me, it reminds me of the bottoms of some of the posts that my Mom used to cook in when I was a kid. It looks classy and I don't have any compunction about using it on all sorts of papers. It doesn't feather or spread. It's not going to replace your black inks, and it's not water-resistant, so it isn't going to be the ink for everyone, but I can't suggest it highly enough for anyone who is drawn to metallic colors that shade. 

And here's the water-test video review:

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AtaiDanu said...

Thanks for this, I like the idea of metallic cooling inks such as brass, silver, copper and gold. I just re-started my ink drop membership so I missed out on this one but I may have to order a sample anyway.

Mike Matteson said...

I'd say it's definitely worth a sample. Thanks for the comment!