Do you have an ink dependence? I can help...

Samples, Samples, SAMPLES!

Wanna see what I've gotten recently? I knew you did!

 I'll post some photo close-ups and the video below. The samples are all from Anderson Pens. It was quite a package of inks! Thanks y'all!

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GordonC said...

Hi Michael, just checked out your video and wanted to say (as an Aussie) I'm pretty excited about the Blackstone inks- especially the way they've been named for different Australian landmarks. The blues are both fantastic, the black I'm fine with (as you say it's not a really black black!), and the green is bright and vivid. I really like the Uluru red (Oo-leh-roo, emphasis on first and last syllables, is the original (indigenous),and current, name for Ayers Rock in Central Australia), but my sample had some flow issues.

Thanks for doing all of these reviews - really enjoy watching them!