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Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine


I got this ink from a friend at the Triangle Pen Club a while back, and I never really got around to trying it out until recently. It's a perfect time of year to review a green ink, and this one is very St.-Patrick-y. Spring-y. Anyway, it's a very happy green, and I quite enjoy seeing it on the page.

Written Review


I say it's medium wet because it flows so well in the very fine nib of that Kakuno, but it doesn't go nuts in the very wet broad nib of my L-Tech. Good stuff. 

Obviously, the fine nib was used in the top bit and the broad in the bottom bit. 

 Is that a cat hair in my shot? Yep. Totally. Maybe a whisker, actually.

Color Comparisons

Copy Paper Test

 Not the best performance, but most of the bleed is from the wet, broad nib. It's to be expected, honestly. The fine nib sample isn't bad, though there are a couple of spots where you've got some bleed. Not great, but not bad either.


 This chromatography is so cool I had to give you two pictures. The one below is from the very end of the video clip. Fresh.

Video Review and Water Drop Test

I like this springy jewel-tone, but it's not quite as well-behaved as I'd like it to be for a wide nib. It's pretty good in a fine nib, though, and a true green.

Like other Edelstein inks, this one comes in an awesome 50ml bottle and costs about $24.
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Small typo: "prefect time".

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