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Franklin-Christoph Franklin Green


This one is a limited edition ink that was made for the Philly Pen Show this year. It's going to be a bit hard to find,  but you might come across some in the Franklin-Christoph stock room or at a pen show. My advice is to snap it up. It's a really great ink, and a cool color.

Written Review


These next couple are  from when the ink swatch was still wet. Cool, huh?

 I think I must have put down too much ink or gotten a weak page of Rhodia, because there was a good bit of bleed-through here and with the Pelikan Aventurine writing sample. That almost never happens, but this isn't my normal review pad.

The Bottle

Color Comparisons

Copy Paper Tests!

 This ink does pretty well. There's a little bit of bleed from the broad nib, but no problems with the other two. That broad is really wet, too.


Water Test and Video Review!

As with the other Franklin-Christoph inks, I really like this one. They're hitting it out of the park with these inks lately, if you ask me. All money, no duds.

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