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Just a short video about a cool pen: The Sheaffer Intensity


I was doing some window shopping at one of my favorite sites the other day and I noticed that they had some of these pens on a deep discount. I looked back at my blog posts, and this pen was reviewed before I was doing much video, so there weren't any videos of it. Anyway, I hope that someone sees this video and gets this rad pen at a great price before it goes away.

I know this looks like an advertisement, but they don't pay me or ask for these things. I'm just a big fan of this pen, and I want to get them in people's hands. Sheaffer was recently bought by Cross, and it could be that pens that don't sell will be dropped from the line. I'd hate to see the Intensity go away.

Check them out at Anderson Pens where some of them are on a serious sale. $50 is a steal for this pen, I think.

Here's a review I did of it a long while back.
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