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RNG Products SQ1 EDC PEN (On Kickstarter now.)

Ryan sent this little pen out to me a little while ago, and the kickstarter has been live for almost a week, and it has far surpassed the target goal. It's certainly going to be funded, and Ryan has said that they number of pledges will determine the shipping date.

The pen was originally conceived of as a stylus pen that was tough enough to serve in anyone's "every day carry" kit. In response to customer preference, though, Ryan decided to offer non-stylus versions of the pen. That's fine with me, as I don't use a stylus.

Check out the pictures below, and let me know what you think of this little project in the comments.



The front of the pen.

The divots in the grip.


All of the parts, except for the set-screw and the refill. I didn't have a hex key for that handy.

The back-end of the pen without a stylus. Stylus versions are available, and it would go on this end.

Review in progress.

My ballpoint handwriting is terrible. Terrible.

 The tip rattle thing is really annoying, and I'm super-glad that this pen eliminates that problem. It makes the refill a little difficult to change, but you'll rarely have to do that.

It's around the same size (in length) as the Parker Jotter and the Zebra 701. It's not as thick as the 701, but I think it's plenty big to use for short notes. 

Okay, so, that's the pen. I'm not a big ballpoint user, but the refill in this one feels very smooth and it performs well. The pen is very well made and there aren't any problems with the fit'n'finish that I can find. Check this little pen out on the Kickstarter page and lend your support to the project if this pen checks all the boxes for you.

Video Review:

***This pen was provided as a review sample, but I'm as sure as I can be that this doesn't sway my reviews.***
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SCPaul said...

Not something I would use but it is cool. I especially like how it matches power armor.

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uraj said...

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