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Bookbinder's Everglades Rat Snake


This is the first of the inks from the set of Bookbinders inks that  Anderson Pens sent out for me to review. I actually picked these up at the DC Pen Show, and so I'm only just starting to use them. This is an awesome orange hue that is close to my very favorite orange, Akkerman Oranje Boven. The only major difference between them is that Rat Snake is a bit drier than the Akkerman ink. I'm not the biggest fan of dry inks, but there are some pens (like Pelikans and such) that really need them to work well. If you've got a super-wet nib, and you want a great orange ink that will tame it, then this could be your favorite ink!

This bright orange ink really matches the rat snake pictures that I found on the internet. Here's one guarding a clutch of eggs:

Photo linked from
You're not going to miss that particular snake, are ya? Maybe in a pile of fall leaves, but the Everglades aren't exactly the place to find that kind of foliage, so I don't know how in the world this adaptation happened. Any herpetologists in the audience?

Written Review

Close Ups!

Color Comparisons!

This is a really beautiful bit of chromatography. I'm thinking I'll add it do my next set of business card designs.

Copy Paper Test

This is some outstanding performance on copy paper, I think. Well done, Bookbinders!

Water Test and Video Review!


Yeah, no real water resistance. I didn't expect any, but you never know. 

The Wrap-Up

This is a really cool ink, and I'll be keeping it in mind when I have a really wet pen that needs to be tamed by an orange. I've used it to grade a bunch of papers, and it works better on the copy paper (or worse) that people use to print their homework on. That happens sometimes, and it's neat for that use.

***This ink was provided for free in exchange for my always-truthful review.***
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sarafxds said...

I love this ink, such a great shade of orange!