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Faber-Castell Midnight Blue


I haven't done a Graf von Faber-Castell ink review in a while, but this is a relatively new ink from the GvFC folks. It's an extremely smooth-flowing ink, and it's a joy to write with. I'd actually forgotten which ink was in my Vanishing Point until someone on the YouTube channel requested that I review this ink.

Midnight Blue is definitely a blue ink, but it's super dark. At least, it's really dark in the pen that has good flow. The TWSBI that I had it in didn't really like the ink, but it also had all sorts of issues, so I think the pen was at fault. In fact, I talk about that in the YouTube video. (This pen has had a number of issues, and it hardly has any of the original parts left. It's the TWSBI of Theseus. That's a philosophy joke.)

Thanks go to Anderson Pens for providing this sample for review! 

Full Review


Aw, man. I left one blank. Again. There's some shading and some sheen.
Pretty good dry times on Rhodia, really. Of course, it's far quicker on regular paper.

Copy Paper Test

So, you may have noticed that the back-of-the-sheet pictures are oddly color balanced. I don't know why that is, but I hope the pictures illustrate the performance.

Color Comparisons

This one is darker than any of my other blue-blacks, and a bit more purple/blue, as well. Of all of the blue blacks, I think I like Midnight Blue's performance the best. It just flows super well in my VP,  and the color is dark and deep.


Tomoe River

Looking back at these images makes me realize that I didn't say anything in the shading/sheen area of the review sheet. This one has more sheen than shading. There's a little shading on good paper, but the sheen is cool too.

Video Review and Water Drop Test

Alright, that's about it. You can find this ink at Anderson Pens in samples, cartridges, and 75ml bottles. It's a very nice ink to write with, and it performs well in wetter nibs. The only issue is that it's a little on the pricey side. If you're not sure of it, then get some samples!

***While this ink sample was provided for review, all impressions are my own. YMMV, IMHO, etc.***

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