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Papier Plume Mardi Gras Indians Purple (Limited Edition!)


The next limited edition ink from Papier Plume is Mardi Gras Indians Purple! Like the others in this set, this purple isn't going to last long. It's supposed to release at about 11am (CST), so don't sleep on this one if you want this fancy purple.

Thanks go to Renso for sending this beautiful purple out to be reviewed. 

Follow this link to find the ink when it releases: Linky-Link!

Written Review


Color Comparisons

 No sheen on this one, just a nice matte finish on the ink when it dries. A dark purple, but it is unmistakably purple.

 Some chromatography is boring, but some of it is really darn nice. This one is very cool.

Copy Paper Test

 There is some bleed and some feather on this paper, but I haven't had any issues on anything else. Even these little feathers and bleeds aren't that bad.

Water Test and Video Review

 More water-resistance than I thought there would be.


 This is a pretty cool purple. It's more water-resistant than I thought it would be, the dusky purple is interesting, and the story is fun. Certainly one to check out if you get a chance.

Thanks to Renso for sending this one out for review.

***This ink sample was sent out free of charge for my honest review.***

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