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Diamine Purple Pazzazz


Thanks to the Anderson Pens folks for sending out this sample for review! This ink is a really solid purple ink with a ton of shimmer in it. In fact, even if the shimmer weren't there, this would be a good purple ink. There's a bunch of shimmer in there, though. It seems to come out just fine regardless of whether I used it in a really wet semi-flex or an extra fine nib. Good work, Diamine!

This is also a Nibs & Nails post, so go check out the nail polish version of this ink at Audrey's blog: Right on the Nail. There's also a give away for this nail polish so make sure you sign up for that over on her blog.

Also, I know I spelled the word "pazzazz" incorrectly on my review write-up. I don't know why, but in my defense, I think they spelled pizzazz wrong in the first place. Just sayin'. 

Written Review


Dark purples are difficult to take pictures of, but I hope that some of these are helpful in illustrating the hue that you're getting from this ink.

Color Comparisons

I don't usually have this many purple inks in pens, but I'm glad I have all of these to compare. Pazzazz is probably closest to Dark Lilac, but the Diamine ink isn't quite as dark, and you get more shading and far less sheen.

Copy Paper Test

This is pretty good performance on the 20lb paper. There are a few small spots of bleed-through, but nothing major.


Water Test and Video Review

I think this ink is pretty cool. It's a good purple, it's got pizzazz, and it behaves really well on copy papers. In fact, I think it's more interesting on copy paper than it is on Tomoe River (where it doesn't really shade for some reason). There's also not a comparable J. Herbin ink, so if you're looking for a good purple/gold ink, this one is it.

You can find this ink at Anderson Pens for $20 in a 50ml bottle, or $150 for a 3ml sample

Some Extra Sheen

***This ink was provided free of charge by Anderson Pens for my honest review. That's what you get here. Honesty. And gold shimmer. Lots of that in this review.***

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Unknown said...

I am looking for the best paper to use for multicrome and glitter ink? I use Diamine purple pazzazz and Jacques Herbin 1670 Chivor Emerald. Paper that does not suck, bleed, or bleed through to the other side. Size A5 preferably allied as filling for a ring binder. Loose sheets are also possible. And otherwise notebooks.