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KWZ's Meet Me in St. Louis 2019


It's pen show time in St. Louis, and that means that it's time for another exclusive ink from KWZ. Last year the ink was a teal, and this year we have this awesome reddish brown. Or orange? I don't know. Caramel? Butterscotch? Something like that. Anyway, it's cool.

This ink was sent out by Ken, and it's probably only going to be available at the pen show this weekend.  There are only 150 bottles of this ink, and it probably won't survive the weekend.

Written Review

Close Ups

Paper Test: 20 lb Copy Paper

It's not the best performer on the bad copy paper, but it's okay. Keep it on the good stuff, I'd say. 

Paper Test: Inky Fingers Currently Inked Wheat Straw Paper

Paper Test: Ink Journal Tomoe River Paper


Cool, right? 

Water Test!

So...nope. Keep water away from this one. 

Video Review

Color Comparisons

I don't have anything like this color, really. Lots of oranges and browns and such, but none that match Meet Me in St. Louis. Catch it if you can!

**This ink sample was sent out for review by the St. Louis Pen Show promoters. No promises were given, no money changed hands, and what you see is what I got.**

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anomalogue said...

Looks sort of like Noodler's Antietam or Diamine Ancient Copper.

platypus said...

How does it compare to Montblanc Leonardo Red Chalk?