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Robert Oster Green Lime


This is one of those inks that I've had in a pen for a really long time. You'll see in the ink journals below that I first filled these pens with Green Lime back in January. The Platinum 3776 has been wearing this green ink for longer than that, and both of these have been refilled a couple of times since January. I originally got a sample of this ink for review from Anderson Pens a while ago, used it all up, and then bought a bottle.

So, spoiler alert: I like this ink.


As you'll see below, I really like this ink in one nib and I just don't really care for it in the other.

Written Review

The finer, drier Procyon doesn't give this ink enough room to run, if you ask me. The 3776 is much better for this one. Of course, if you're into the light, undersaturated look then you're gonna like this one in finer nibs.

Close Ups

Paper Test: 20 lb Copy Paper

Pretty good, really. You get some spots of bleed from the broad nib, but it's not too bad. It shows up more in this photo than it does in real life, really. I upped the exposure a little in post-processing and it brought out the ghosting a bit more.

Paper Test: Inky Fingers Currently Inked Wheat Straw Paper

Paper Test: Ink Journal Tomoe River Paper


Water Test!

Nope. Not water resistant.

Video Review

Color Comparisons

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**So, I got the original ink sample for free, but then I bought the bottle of ink. No promises were given, no money changed hands, and what you see is what I got.**
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