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De Atramentis Elderberries

Elderberries was part of the May Ink Drop from Goulet, and I thought I'd give it a try in my wife's Jin Hao pen. So, here's your first color from the Ink Drop.

I like this ink far more than I thought I would. It's a deep grape-purple that actually shows almost a maroon tinge.

I wasn't really looking forward to this ink, because I'm generally opposed to purples (our college rivals were the TCU Hornfrogs), but there were two purples in the ink drop set so I thought I'd try both of them first and get them out of the way.

This ink, though a purple, is the purple of ripe berries. It's a reddish purple instead of a blueish purple, and it's actually quite nice. It has good shading and it doesn't seem to feather or bleed very much. You'll see a little bit of feathering at the ends of the letters in the water swab close-up, but that's more of an artifact of the Jin Hao's nib than of the ink, I think.

I can't figure out why this picture is sideways, but I guess you'll have to turn your head.

It looks pretty stable when exposed to water. 

Another thing: You know what I love? These giant Smarties Lolly's. They're so awesome.
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