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Noodler's Army Green

As I say in the written review below, Army Green is perfectly serviceable. It's a green ink that looks about like the green you'd find on a WW2-era army vehicle. It doesn't feather, spread, or bleed even on the cheap Staples 30% recycled paper that I tested it on.

This ink is generally well behaved, but it did tend to get stuck up in the top of the filler sac on my 330 pen. That might have something to do with the surface tension or viscosity of the ink. This was a minor irritation, but it did mean that I had to jostle the ink back down towards the nib. It worked just fine once I got ink down towards the nib. I'd kind of hate to have tried this in an Ahab, though. The hollow plunger mechanism on those pens tends to trap inks like this, and I don't think I'd ever get it out without a syringe.

So, this ink is okay, but not really anything to write home about.

Not the most water-safe ink.

This is in direct sunlight, so it's a little lighter than it usually appears.

This is a picture taken in indirect lighting. It's much as it appears in general.

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