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Noodler's Habanero

Happy Friday!

I got this ink a while back when it was on sale at isellpens. (I would link directly to the color, but the isellpens site isn't set up that way.) It looked interesting, and the discount was enough to tempt me into buying an ink that I hadn't tried. Orange is one of my favorite hues, so I took a chance. I'm glad I did. 

Habanero is one of my favorite inks. It's the same orange as the habenero pepper that comes in the same orange-ish color. The shading in this ink is really pleasant and ranges from a light orange to an orange that is much closer to a brown-orange. It's, from what I hear, a bit darker than the similar Apache Sunset ink. From what I've seen of Apache Sunset, it is a bit too bright for every-day use. I've taken reams of notes in this color, and it makes for excellent reading. As you can see in the area that was water-swabbed, it doesn't hold up to water very well at all, so don't spill your coffee on it. 

I definitely recommend this ink if you're looking for something interesting and unique in the orange or red range. 

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