Do you have an ink dependence? I can help...

How to ruin a Lamy Vista in one easy step.

So...I'm not good at maintaining clear plastic things. I have a bit of a track record on this, as my wife could tell you. A year or two ago I tried to clean the inside of a plastic fish tank with a kitchen sponge. The scrubby-side of a kitchen sponge. I was doing it with some soapy water (don't worry, I rinsed it really well before it was ready for fish), and I didn't notice that I was scrubbing some really nice scratches into that tank's nice, transparent plastic walls. It now looks like the water in there is really cloudy all the time. Maybe it makes the fish feel like they're flying or something. I don't know.

Today I pulled the cap off of my Lamy Vista (a clear demonstrator version of the Safari) and I got ink on my hands. Nice, bulletproof Liberty's Elysium ink. So I think to myself, "I should really clean this cap out before I stain anything important. I also need to clean it with something that dries quickly since it's the cap on a pen that I am using right now that is full of bulletproof ink. What cleans things and then dries quickly," I asked myself.

"I know! Rubbing alcohol!"

This is a mistake.

Don't do this.

Rubbing alcohol is not a friend to the plastic that they use in Vista's caps. It makes the plastic cloudy. I gives it a little texture. These are bad things. I'm glad that I noticed the problem quickly and that I was only rinsing the cap and not scrubbing the silly thing. I've read in a couple of places that this can really ruin-up the plastic.

Learn from this mistake, and don't make this mistake. Does anyone sell new caps for a Lamy Vista?
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Lee said...

Of course, it's $20.

$27.65 for a whole new fountain pen or $23 for a rollerball with a cap I think would fit (but I'm not 100% sure). I'd tend to favor buying a pen with a nib you don't yet have and using alcohol to scuff up one of the pens to create a neat finish on one while having a new one with pristine finish.

Mike Matteson said...

I think $20 is kinda steep for a pen-cap. I'm going to keep an eye on ebay. I hope someone messed up the rest of their pen and they try to sell a cap. I don't know if I'll find one, but it has to be cheaper than $20. I'm just glad I didn't really mess it up badly.

Your solution is a good one, though. I don't know if I'm artsy enough to risk trying out my skills on a pen, though.

Peninkcillin said...

Now I see what you mean. Lucky for you the pen is still usable, though the aesthetics are compromised. With my Noodler's the whole body of the pen was "melted" out of shape by the ammonia solution such that neither the piston nor the nib/feed fit in it anymore.

Scheduleflow said...

Well If you found a replacement, I'll buy your burred lid for $10 :)


Anonymous said...

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