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JinHao x750 Fountain Pen

This pen is actually my wife's, and she took most of the pictures. She has much more experience writing with it, but I used it for a little while so that I could write the review.

Appearance & Design: It's a nice looking, if a bit effeminate, pen. Audrey saw the holographic glitter and she had to have it. The chrome accents are fancy, but the clip doesn't work particularly well. It's just too stiff. If you clip it on a pocket you will have a difficult time getting it to release the fabric.

Construction & Quality: The all-brass (I think) construction of this pen gives it a solid amount of heft. I like a heavier pen, and this one feels good in the hand. I don't have a scale, but it seems to weigh about as much as my Rotring 600. The parts all fit together nicely, and there aren't any gaps or weird overlaps in the materials. The only construction problem is the clip. I've had better clips on plenty of other Chinese pens. The feed is plastic, and it's not great, but it is serviceable. The nib and the feed come out easily, and that makes for an easier adjustment.

Nib & Performance: This is a really large nib. It's a bit wider than my Ahab nib. The steel is stiff, but it's okay. It's decorated with some attractive scroll-work and the JINHAO brand name. The nib writes okay most of the time, but it's a bit more broad than I prefer. The feed is a little finicky, but once you get it adjusted (it needs to be placed pretty close to the tip of the nib if it is going to write correctly. As you'll see in the written sample, it started well, but it started to skip a little about halfway down the page. I'm not sure if I was getting low on ink or if the feed was just having difficulties.

Filling System & Maintenance: The pen came from the ebay seller (whose name I don't know) with a piston converter that has a little spring inside. It could take cartridges, though I've never used one.

Cost & Value: It was quite cheap. I think it was around $5 from ebay, and for that price it's darn good. It's good for short notes and such, but I'm not sure that I'd want to write with it for extended periods of time.

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