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Noodler's Zhivago

There are two almost-blacks that I really like. I talked about Air Corps Blue-Black a while ago, and I've recently gotten a bottle of it at the Raleigh Pen Show. This ink might well be my next purchase.

Zhivago is a really dark ink that looks like a black, but it's really a super-dark green. Air Corps can look a bit green (depending on the paper and lighting), but this one is the sort of color that is usually black, but when you look closely it has a tinge of green. You can see the green pretty well in the closeup of the smear and in the comparison to Dark Matter, but it really comes out in the cross-hatched bit where I tried to smear it with water. It really didn't budge, bu a little of the green came off. I'm actually pretty surprised that it didn't smear more. This write-up was done on Rhodia, and their paper has a coating on it that keeps it from soaking up the ink. I'm not sure if it would even bleed off some green on a more absorbent paper.

Check it out. This is a classy and interesting ink that is serious enough to be used as a black ink on serious grown-up things, and it seems to be solidly waterproof.

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Lee said...

I haven't ever tried Zhivago, Aircorps, or the ink I'm about to suggest, but I hear about them as sort of a trio of very dark near blacks from Noodler's. The last in the set I hear about is Noodler's Red-Black. If you like the other who, I'm guessing you'd like it from what I have always seen.

If it weren't for the massive amount of ink I own, I'd be very tempted by your review to try Zhivago. Some day soon I'm sure I will.

Mike Matteson said...

Yep, I've got some Red-Black in my sample rack. I haven't gotten to try it out yet, but I'm looking forward to it.