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Noodler's Ottoman Azure

Ottoman Azure is one of the blues from April's Ink Drop. It is a solid sapphire blue that shades well even from a very fine nib. I was originally disappointed in the ink because of it's poor performance in my Ahab. I liked the color so well, though, that I had to try it in another pen to see if it would perform better in some other pen. It totally did. Here's the difference between the two pens. It's pretty stark.

As you can see above, it's gone from a pretty uncontrollably-wet writer to a pretty super blue. The shading on this ink is remarkable even from my Wing Sung 101's fine point. 

(I used the Wing Sung because the 101 is probably my most reliable pen. I'll have to write it up one of these days but it's basically a '51 and I'm not sure where you would find one these days anyway. I found mine in a "lost and found" pen cup when I was an undergrad. It had been there for years and the whole cup was about to be tossed out. Awesome find.)

This color is a gem if you're looking for another blue. The caveat is that it just isn't water-resistant at all. Here, I just dropped some water on the page and wiped it off pretty quickly. The ink had plenty of time to settle in, but it just doesn't hold to the page. Not a huge deal for me, but don't get this one wet.

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