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Noodler's Dragon's Napalm

This ink might have the coolest name. Ever.

Dragon's Napalm is a color that is a hard to accurately describe. It's a bright orange, but it's also got a tinge of pink in there. It's a color that will certainly get your attention. It's really pleasant to look at, and it is a great secondary color. When I'm taking notes on something, I almost always do it in more than one color. The second (or third, or fourth) colors denote something different than the primary one does, and this is a really good ink for that secondary color.

Dragon's Napalm is really well-behaved on all of the papers that I tried it on. It never feathered or bled even when I used it on really cheap copy papers. It flows really well, and it starts every time. If there's a bad quality here, it's that DN is not water resistant at all.

I'm glad that I had a couple of other pens inked in the orange family. You can see in the written sample that it is closer to Fuyu-gaki's orange than it is to Habanero's orange-brown, but it's just not quite like an orange.

It's an ink that I really enjoy writing with, and I'll probably pick up a bottle eventually.

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InkFan said...

I'm a big fan of this ink and agree about the name! I had some fun with this ink imaging what it would be like if it came to life: