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June's Ink Drop!

I sort of forgot that the ink drop was coming this last Monday. I'm usually checking the mailbox (compulsively) on the 3rd of the month, but this June 3rd I was distracted. My wife was finally home from Cambodia and we had just been to the Triangle Pen Show and I was trying to write some more philosophy for a web course that I've been working on this summer. Anywho, I'm glad that I had a couple of pens open to put some inks in at just the right time.

This month we got a "summer" collection including some interesting colors. It's also the first time that I've gotten a double of an ink that I already have. I now have two samples of PR Avocado, but I had never tried it so it is almost like getting a brand new color.

I know. I misspelled avocado in that picture. It's one of those words that I have to think about spelling because I say it as "avAcado." Oh well. Whatever. I put it in a pen last night, and it seems to be a pretty classy green. I've also inked up a pen in Wild Strawberry, and that is a red that can really get your attention. It really is a strawberry red. I was a little surprised how dark Apricot looks on the smear on that page. In the vial, it looks transparent. And Plum really does look that blue. It's not a trick of the camera. I suppose plums are a little blue, but I always think of them as purple 
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