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Iroshizuku Asa-Gao

Asa-Gao is an ink that I've had for while. I really like the Iroshizuku inks, but they're pretty expensive so I usually just order samples of them. This sample came from They give you an extra ml in their samples, so I like to pick up a couple of them when I'm ordering from them. (Shipping is a little higher than some other places, though, so I don't order just ink from them.)

Asa-Gao is a blue with just a tinge of violet to it. It's a classy sort of blue, and it looks solid on the page with perhaps just a little shading on this Rhodia paper. You're unlikely to see it otherwise unless, perhaps, you have a nice broad nib. That broad nib might be better with this Iroshizuku ink than with some of the other ones that I've used. It doesn't spread or feather much at all, and you'll only find just a little ghosting on some papers.

It flows very smoothly with a medium-wet texture.

It's not as soluble as some of the other blues that I've written with recently, but it does wash off the page. There will be a little bit of a ghost left, but that's about it.

At the end of the day, this ink is really nice, but probably a bit too normal for the Iroshizuku price tag. If I'm paying at least $28 for an ink, I want it to be a little more interesting than this one.
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