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Private Reserve's Lake Placid Blue

I'm pretty sure that this is the first ink that I ever bought. It was one of the first two, anyway. I told a story about Lake Placid Blue over on FP Geeks (in the comments) a while ago. I actually thought I was writing with Midnight Blues for years because the box that I had said Midnight Blues on the outside, and I never bothered to read the bottle. When I went to buy more ink a while later, I found Lake Placid Blue, and I guess I still liked it enough to buy a bottle of it. (I do now have a sample of Midnight Blues, so I'll post that eventually.)

Anyway, Lake Placid is a pretty average blue. It's not as deep as Liberty's Elysium. It's not as bright at Naples Blue. It's doesn't shade like the Iroshizuku blues. It's a solid blue blue of the medium blue variety. I quite like it, even if it isn't a standout in my collection of blues.

As you can see, there is a pretty massive difference between the scanned image on the right and the photograph on the left. I would guess that this has something to do with the type of light hitting the page. In natural light, this ink is a throughly medium blue, but under the bright LED of the scanner it becomes far lighter. I'd say that the photo is probably closer to the real color in my experience.

This is a saturated blue that doesn't shade, and if it looks this good from the dry nib of a TWSBI, then it looks even better when you have a nib that will really put down some ink. That ink won't stick around if you get it wet, though, so watch your coffee mugs around it. 

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