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Noodler's Beaver

I wrote up this review a long time ago, and it has just kinda lived in its little file folder ever since. It's a nice brown ink, and I should really review more brown inks. I still have several in my stable, but I haven't used any in a while. I've gotten a couple of new pens recently, and I wanted to ink them up with inks that I know so that I can judge their performance. I'll start doing browns again soon.

Beaver is a reddish brown ink that is pretty well lubricated. It never skipped in my Hero 330, and it was difficult to get enough on my letter-opener to smear some on the paper. (It says knife, but it's just a letter-opener that looks like a sword. Knife is actually not even close.) It's not the most water resistant ink I've used, but it doesn't all wash off immediately.

If you like a rich, reddish brown then you should get this one. It's going to work really well in your fine nibs, but I would wager that it would get a little crazy if your pen is a wet-writer. It's not going in my Kaweko Sport, but it might go in my TWSBI.

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