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Noodler's Blue Eel

Blue Eel is an ink that I got as a part of the April Ink Drop. I've been slowly working my way through that ink drop, but I'm getting there. The card that is included with the ink drop says that this is one of Noodler's popular inks, but I can't figure out why it would be. 

The Eel series are an extra lubricated line, and I thought that might be good in my TWSBI since it is a bit too dry. I know that "lubricated" means "smooth" (and not "wet"), but I had hope. 

I kinda hated this ink. It was pale, dry, and it just felt anemic. As I say in the written sample, I just wanted it out of my pen as fast as I could manage it. At first, I thought that the problem was that I had some problem in the feed, or I had left some water in it from the cleaning, or something, but when I dipped the pen in the ink it looked just the same. 

Here's a video wherein I test the water-resistance of this ink. It seems like I had a very unsteady hand when I was making this video. I apologize for any motion-sickness that you might suffer from watching the beginning of the video.

You'll notice that I said in there that I didn't remember why I disliked the ink. I've remembered now. It's just a little lame compared to the other blues that I know about and own.

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