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Something a little different this week: Rollerballs, Gels, and Ballpoints (Updated with links.)

Howdy, folks. I review more inks than anything else around here, but I have a bunch of pens that I've been meaning to review as well. A couple of them are fountain pens, but the rest are gel pens or rollerballs that I picked up because they looked interesting. Here's a look at what's coming up this next week.

Lamy Tipo Rollerball  (Link to the post.)
Pilot G-Tec      (Link to the post.)
Pilot G2 .38mm  (Link to the post.)
Rotring Tikky
Uniball Signo .18 (Link to the post.)
TWSBI Vac 700
Kaweco Sport
Pilot Parallel Pen

I have a few ballpoints (I know, I know) to show as well, but I haven't taken the pictures of them yet. These more "normal" pens can be more convenient, and cheaper, for people who aren't sold on the awesomeness of the fountain pen, but I'm also not worried about handing them over as a loaner-pen. The non-FPs are going to be written in this little recycled notebook that I found at the Target a little while ago. It's made of recycled paper, and that stuff doesn't play nice with FP inks, but it's just fine with gels and ballpoints.

No reviews today. I'm watching some Olympics. USA! USA!
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