Do you have an ink dependence? I can help...

A brief interruption: Inks!

I know I said that I would be doing pens this week, but I just got a bunch of ink samples in the mail, and I wanted to show them off a bit.

I was looking at the Goulet's newsletter (well, email), and I saw that they were stocking Organics Studio inks. I'd only just heard about these through the old Facebook, and I wanted to test them out. Goulet was stocking 4 colors, so I ordered up some samples.

I didn't see much point in only getting 4 samples, though, so I also picked up all 4 of the colors they have from Online. It's a German company that I've heard about in passing, but I hadn't tried anything from them.

Lastly, I had to get a couple of Noodler's samples. Someone commented on one of YouTube videos asking whether one of my inks looked like Antietam, and I didn't know, so I picked up a sample. Upper Ganges Blue is a pretty expensive ink, but I think it looks rad on the screen. I'm not ready to pony up the $20 for a full bottle yet, but the sample was totally in my price range. I'm pretty excited it use it.

I got an email today from the Goulets. It warned me that my vial of Mercury might turn into goo, and they refunded my money on that sample. It is kinda like goo, but I haven't captured it on film yet. Apparently the dude who is that company is very apologetic about the problem with the ink, and he is working to fix the issue. Apparently it's a dye or some such that is reacting with other dyes to create Jell-O, and he's doing some science to fix it. Good for him. That's the kind of conscientious behavior that will go far in the Pens/Ink world.

All but one of the Organics Studio inks look to have some particulate matter in them. (Cobalt was clear and clean.) I don't know what it is, but Carbon seems to have a lot of grit in it. I don't know if that is normal or not, but I've sent these pics to Goulet, and they have passed them on to OS. I'll update here when I hear back from them.

This is the one that turned to goo. It's actually pretty weird, and I'm going to keep it as a novelty.

I went ahead and put this one in a pen. I think it'll be fine.
Here's a picture of the Upper Ganges in a vial. It coats the walls like a champ, and it has a pretty rad look to it. It looks almost opaque. So much pigment!

 Anywho, it'll be back to pens tomorrow.

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