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Habanero's Elysium (Frankenink)


I haven't really done any ink-mixing before, but I was curious what would happen, so I added some Liberty's Elysium to some Habanero, and the green that resulted is really nice. It's a deep green that's a bit like a forest green, and a bit like an avocado green.

I've been told that mixing the Noodler's inks with bulletproof-properties can result in some undesirable consequences, but I didn't see any here. From what I hear, it is a good idea to mix up the inks in a small vial and leave that vial to sit for a while to make sure that it doesn't solidify or precipitate anything nasty that might gum up the works in your pen. I got lucky with this mix, perhaps, but it has been several weeks, and there weren't any problems with the ink.

The flow and shading in this ink are really nice, and I'll be using it again, I think. Here are some pictures.

I'm not sure what to say about the water-resistance of this ink. Habanero isn't at all resistant, but Liberty's Elysium has a fairly high water-resistance. You can see, in the photo above, that the green washes away almost completely and leaves a bit of blue behind. It's not particularly impressive. The thing is, I used this ink on some regular (non-Rhodia) paper, and it seemed to stick around pretty well even under running water. I have a hunch that it just couldn't bond very well to the coated Rhodia. Unfortunately, I used almost all of the ink before I got around to water-testing it. I might mix some up again (at some point), but I have a lot of inks to review so I don't know when that'll be. Best of luck with your own mixes!

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous green! Reminds me of Noodler's Army, or maybe Sequoia. Great stuff.

Mike Matteson said...

Thanks! I haven't tried Sequoia, but I like this one way more than Army. Army is well-behaved but it's kinda blah, if you know what I mean. The color seems flat on the page, and it doesn't really stand out. For some reason, this one really pops.