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Uniball Signo 0.18

This is the last of my super thin-line gel pens, and it's the finest of them all.

The .18 next to some .38 G2s.
This is another of the pens that I ordered from JetPens a while back, and I only ordered it because it was so crazy-fine. The .18 point is actually way too sharp for some papers, and it's not a pen that I'll use very often. Perhaps one of these days I'll need a pen that is capable of writing text that you can only just read, but that day isn't today.

The pen itself is pretty nice. The barrel is a little skinny, but not uncomfortable. The clip on the cap is a very flexible plastic that bends easily, but always returns to its original position. I'm not really worried about it breaking off. The cap itself seats itself with a satisfying, and audible, "click." It's not going to fall off accidentally. That's a good thing, too, because the tip on this thing is like a needle. I can just see it stabbing me in the leg if the cap came off.

The grip on this pen is interesting. It alternates between hard, ribbed plastic and smoother, softer rubber strips. It's a nice grip that I kinda wish would appear on other pens.

As I say in the hand-written bit, this isn't a pen for everyone, but if you have very small handwriting then this might be magical for you. I can easily see writing two or three lines of text between each of the lines on filler paper or notebooks.

 The ink in this Signo is quite good. After I got it flowing with some writing it hasn't skipped. It just takes a little coaxing the very first time you use it. You can see, however, that the tip will tear into paper with a soft texture or a rough grain. Check out the first "(" before the word "Black".
I know it says here that I bought it locally, but I'm pretty sure that's false. I'm certain I got it online. 

So, if you have a handwriting style that is super-small or very precise, then this is a great pen for you. You can find them at for $3.30.
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