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Inks that I picked up at the DC Pen Show

I have a ton of pictures that need to be organized and re-named and uploaded. So, while I'm doing that, here are some of the inks that I'll be blogging about in the future.

I picked up a lot of inks at the DC Pen Show. Many of these are from the Organics Studios line. A dude named Tyler makes these in Maryland, and he's gone on hiatus for the fall semester. He's a student, and I guess school trumps making ink with your bare hands, so I hope to see more inks from him in the future.

I picked up a couple of free inks at the show: a black from Private Reserve that they were giving out samples of, and a sepia that you had to hunt down. Stipula was giving out free schwag-bags, but you had to ask for them so I don't know how many people ended up getting them. I've used that sepia for a week or so, and I've got a review coming up for it.

The other ink is Aurora Black. It's the only full bottle that I ended up buying at the show. I had planned to get a few other colors, but I watched the last bottle of Black Swan in English Roses get bought up by a person who had never even tried it before. She just liked the name. Dang it. She'd better like it. Anyway, I got the bottle of Aurora Black because Ron Zorn told me to. He said it was great in my Parker 51 (that he had just fixed up), so I got it. It's a good black. I'm not a huge black-fan, but it does look really nice from the P51.

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