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Pilot G-TEC-C4 (.4mm)

In the same width-range as the G2-38, the G-TEC-C4 is a bit more basic. It's the sort of pen that I've always called a "stick pen." I sorta doubt that this is any kind of official designation. It's a thin, straight, plastic  barrel with a little bit of ribbing in the finger-space. The pen looks pretty nice when it's capped. The plastic is so transparent that my camera seems to have a problem focusing on it. It's a nice and uncomplicated style, but it's nothing fancy.

I read about this pen a while back where someone was talking about Japanese pens that they liked to use for technical writing and drawing. You don't find this variety very often in the US, at least not outside of specialty stores.

The gel ink in these pens is a nice black, but that's what one ought to expect from Pilot gels.

There isn't anything wrong with this pen, but it's just not my favorite kind of pen. It's a little thin in the barrel, a little slick on the grip, and this combination makes my writing look pretty spidery.

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Aritul said...

Love this pen. My only problem with it is that it is unreliable. After working for a while, it will all of a sudden stop writing never to work again.