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Birthday Pen

My birthday was at the beginning of this week, and my lovely wife got me one of my favorite things: a fountain pen.

I'll talk about this pen sometime soon, but the short version is that I really like it. The rubber grip it has is really nice, the nib and flow are just as good as one would expect from a Lamy product, and the cap is a cheerful plastic that doesn't feel cheap or flimsy in the least. 

I've posted a couple of my Goulet invoices in the past, and I'll do that again today. Audrey told them that this was a birthday present, so they drew me something cool, and Rachel wrote a personal note on it for me. They're a cool group.

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Unknown said...

Whoa Roland Deschain the Gunslinger! I love that series from Stephen King. Glad to see you have a nice new pen that you enjoy. ^_^ And happy birthday too!