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Diamine's Wild Strawberry (Video Added)

Wild Strawberry is a good name for this ink. It's a bright, fresh red that reminds me of strawberries. It shades just a bit, and it has an interesting golden shimmer if you have a wet enough nib. My test pen for this one was a pretty fine point, so I didn't see the sheen until I did the smear at the end and it had time to dry.

As a teacher, I sometimes grade papers that are written on pretty low-quality stuff, and you should know that this ink will bleed a bit on low-quality papers. You'll even see some ghosting on better paper with this one, but neither of these are big problems. I didn't see any spreading, and that's the real enemy of cheap paper if you're trying to write legibly in a small space. 

You'll notice that the "splatter test" area on the written sample is remarkably splatter-free. I haven't had a chance to do my water-testing and video work yet, but I'll post it on this entry later this weekend. Maybe even tomorrow. I don't think it's going to be water resistant at all, but one never knows. 

This isn't an ink with any measure of water resistance. I don't really care about that in this ink, though, as the primary draw is the rad color, and not any illusion about permanence.

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