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FPGeeks posts the new VP

The FPGeeks posted the new finish of the Pilot Vanishing point, and it looks awesome. It's a gunmetal gray with matte black trim. It looks like a classy suit to me, for some reason.

I'm not going to repost all of the information, since it's spelled out so well on their page, but I thought I'd draw people's attention to it.

I recently got my first VP in black and silver, and it's a great pen. I didn't pay anywhere near retail, but I can see some people paying $175 for a pen like this. It's got weight, but it's balanced. It's sort of like a click-pen, but it clicks with authority. The gold nib is great It's just a quality pen that I really like writing with. I can't bring myself to pay full-price for one, but if I were to see it at a show for a reduced price (and it looks just as good) I might snatch one up.

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