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Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku *Video Added*

This crazy blue-green was one of the first ink samples that I acquired, but I kept forgetting to write it up. I think this write-up was done with the dregs of the ink that I had left. I'd tried it in a few pens, but it was best in my M-nib Rotring 600.  It's a well-lubricated, slightly wet ink that doesn't bleed unless you're writing on some really cheap paper. On other papers, it will ghost a bit (of course, not on Rhodia) but not too much.

My favorite thing about it is the shading. It shades even on lame papers, and even in fine nib widths.

I would have a bottle of it if it weren't so expensive. These inks are between $28 for a 50ml bottle. That bottle is the classiest looking bottle out there, if you ask me, but it ought to be for that price.

I'll post the water-test when I can get it on YouTube. I spent all day yesterday messing with my iPhone, and I didn't have the patience left over to do any video. But, as a result of several hours on the phone with Apple tech support, in the AT&T store, and on the phone with AT&T tech support, I have internet and voice mail on my phone. Such a frustrating day.


Here's the water test video. It's not really a water resistant ink, but there is a bit of blue left over after the water hits it, so your work won't completely disappear.

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Unknown said...

This is probably my favorite ink so far. My favorite colors are toward the green-blue/teal sides. But one wonder how this one compares to Sailors Yama-Dori...