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Waterman Mysterious Blue (Video Added)

Waterman's Mysterious Blue is a very smooth, Blue-Black-Grey-Green ink. From what I've heard, it's Waterman's new name for Blue Black, and it's both more vague and more accurate. This isn't really a blue-black. It's not really a blue-green, either, since those often look like a teal of some kind. One of my favorites, Noodler's Air Corps Blue Black, is a blue-black that sometimes has a green look to it depending on your nib/paper/lighting, but it doesn't really look anything like Mysterious Blue. This is (in my experience) a unique color combo.

It came in the all-blue set from Goulet's Ink Drop a while ago, and I just never got around to trying it out. I don't know why it was (almost) last on my list, but I really like this ink. It's flow is in that awesome sweet-spot between wet and dry that gives it enough juice to shade, but not so much that it bleeds through paper or refuses to dry. Mysterious Blue doesn't bleed through
even cheap comp book paper, though it will ghost a bit. You'll be fine writing on office papers or better.

My one caveat to the above is that I've only used this ink in the Esterbrook J 2668 nib that I did the review with. That's not one of my normal pens, and I didn't use any other inks in it. It could just be that the ink/pen combo was awesome, but I've used a lot of pens and a lot of inks, and my feeling is that the ink behaved really well from this nib. I'd be surprised if it misbehaved in other pens, but one of these days I'll get more of it to test in another pen.

This is a really good ink. It's going on my "buy" list.

Like the Wild Strawberry before it, I haven't gotten around to the water-testing yet. I'll add it when I do.

As I expected, this ink doesn't stick around when you put some water on it. "Water? Man, I'm outta here!"

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