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Scribal Workshop's Siren

This is the other ink that I tried from the Scribal Workshop line, and it's a bit better. It has the same flow issue that I had with Leviathan, and I actually had the same problem with an ink called "Kracken" from SW but I never wrote up a review of that ink. It flows a little better than Leviathan did, but it's still way too dry for me.

Most of the details are in the written review below, but one thing I want to point out is the smell of this ink. It's going to disagree with some people, but I actually like it. It's not chemical-y like some of the inks that are meant to have a scent to them. It smells like wood or sawdust or something like that. The scent does linger, though. I used my Kaweco Sport for this review several weeks ago, and the scent remains. It's a good thing that I like it. Anyway, tread cautiously with this ink if you are adverse to strong smells.

Here's the video I did of the water test.

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