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The Quattro 8x8 Notepad

When I posted this blog on the /r/fountainpens subreddit I got a request for paper reviews. I'm no paper expert, but I did intend to write a review of this odd little pad that I found at a local art supplies store. It's an 8x8 grid paper that comes in a variety of sizes, but the one I got is 4.5"x5.5". 

This paper is broken up into all sorts of grids, so if you're a grid-lover you're going to be really into this stuff. I find it a little distracting, but I can imagine that someone who was a doodler, sketcher or some such could really make use of all of the guidelines. 

The paper itself is nice. It's thick and smooth. Unfortunately, it's also a bit too absorbent for me. The fountain inks that I used on it all soaked in, and that caused some feathering and spread. There was even a massive bleed-through when I was writing up a J. Herbin ink on it. It performs better when you use a ballpoint or a gel on it than when you use rollerballs or fountain pens. I bet a pencil would work well, too, though I haven't tried it out. 

I'm not comfortable suggesting this ink for a fountain pen user, but those who are wont to use other pens and pencils to sketch or do other things using a grid are probably going to be happier with these pads. 
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