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Ink Nouveau & TWSBI 700 news

Brian Goulet, over on Ink Nouveau posted a video explaining how to remove and replace the nibs on TWSBI's Vac 700. Interestingly, he does it exactly as I do. It's not hard, but it's nice to see how one does this sort of thing with a pen that is in a higher price bracket. The only thing that I'd add to the video is that you really want to make sure that you seat the nib completely in the section. If you don't, you can damage the nib when you put the cap on and it won't flow well at all.

Alone, this is just a nice, informative video. The bigger news is that TWSBI is replacing the nibs that they used in the Vac 700. The old Bock nibs (one of which I have) are not good. If the one that I have is any indication, then they flow so weakly that they're dang near unusable. Philip Wang at TWSBI was very nice to adjust my nib for me through the mail, but it still didn't have nearly enough flow for me. Anyway, they are replacing the old nibs with nibs from JoWo.

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According to Brian, if you buy one of the Vac 700s with the Bock nib on it you'll also get a JoWo nib. That's a pretty good deal. The new clear version of the 700 just comes with the JoWo nib.

I talked to Philip via email today, and he's going to send me one of the new nibs, and I'll let you know how it is when I get it.

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