Do you have an ink dependence? I can help...

Scribal Workshop Levithan

The next couple of these inks are from a company called Scribal Workshop. It's located in my old home state of Texas and, according to their website, they do lots of cool stuff illuminated manuscripts and historical inks and such. These inks came to us in an Ink Drop that contained the whole collection. It's a pretty standard sort of collection, and the colors aren't unexpected, but it's good to start out a new line with a base-set of colors, I think. 

I tried this Leviathan out in my TWSBI 700 with a Knox (fine) nib. It's a really solid nib, and it has a smooth and consistent flow with most inks. It didn't have anything like a smooth or consistent flow with Leviathan. It was super dry and it didn't really want to write at all. The color came out as a really pale green because it just doesn't flow.

This ink is a good color, but it's got some problems. It needs some lubrication or something. I don't know what it would take to fix it, but something needs to change if it's going to be a usable ink for me.

Yeah, I have a lot of things inked in green right now. 
Is it waterproof? Check out the video below.

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