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Caran d'Ache Electric Orange

Thanks goes out to for supplying the ink sample for this review.

I've done some limited edition inks recently, but this one is publicly available. It even comes in a very cool bottle. (I don't have the bottle, this was just a sample.)

Photo from Anderson Pens.
I love a nice bottle on some ink, but this one (and the packaging) probably adds a fair amount to the price of the ink.

I'm glad that I took these pictures before I tore the page out of the Rhodia notebook because it shows a pair of oranges next to each other. Electric Orange is a much brighter and more orangey orange than the Rhodia cover. It's...electric? Sure. Electric.

This written review was done with my Pilot VP's medium nib. I don't love that nib with most inks, but this one worked just fine. It's a very smooth ink. 

This is an ink that I could have taken lots of close-ups of. It's a very cool color.

I haven't tested many orange inks, but this one is kinda awesomely pure. If you're regretting the loss of Sailor's Jentle Apricot, then this might be a decent replacement (though it's more expensive). That red's a stunner, eh?

The chromatography of this ink is mostly orange, but also contains a fair amount of yellow and pink.

The only draw-back to this ink is that it doesn't really behave all that well on cheaper papers. It does a little bit of each bad behavior. Not a whole lot, and it might not bother you, but this ink is really best on fine papers.

You can find this ink (and the rest of the Chromatics line) at and other fine retailers.

Water Test and Video Review:

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Jean said...

The orange color of ink looks nice among all you had shared. I am sure the quality of the ink would also be good.